Video-mapping, Light-sculpture, Video-installation, Film, Site-specific


Femke Schaap

(1972, Woerden, Netherlands)


A sculptor working with light, the artist Femke Schaap, is known for her life-size, spatial film-installations; by projecting selected parts of film onto cut-out polystyrene screens, she constructs ephemeral realities that the viewer can literally walk into.

Femke started out as a filmmaker, but as time passed her work became more like light-sculptures. The visitor can walk through the light projections, can experience the tension between flatness and spaciousness and can immerse himself in a moving image.

Education and residencies​

2007 | Urban Glass Artists Fellowship, Brooklyn, USA

2003 | Residency at Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, China

1995 – 1997 | Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam

1993 | Film Department, San Francisco Art Institute, USA

1990 – 1995 | Rietveld Academie Amsterdam


2000 | Winner of Fortis Visual Arts Award in Rotterdam, Netherlands

1999 | Nominated for Prix Nouvelles Images in The Hague, Netherlands

1997 | Prix de Rome Sculpture Award in Amsterdam, Netherlands


​2019 | ‘Cherry Late Spring Show’ at Kers Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018 | Amsterdam Light Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011 | ‘A Certain Delay’ at Photo 3.0 TAC, Netherlands

2010 | ‘Common Ground’ at Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2010 | ‘Dreams are my Reality’ at Fort Vijfhuizen, Netherlands

2010 | MiaArt at Milan, Italy

2009 | at ArtRotterdam, Netherlands

2007 | Urban Glass in New York, USA

2006 | ‘Expanding Interior Dimensions’ at De Paviljoens in Almelo, Netherlands

2006 | ‘New Installations’ at Turrissima in Torino, Italy

2004 | Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China

2003 | Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv, Ukraine

2003 | Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, Netherlands

2002 | ‘Thisminute’ at Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, China

2001 | Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto, Japan

2000 | Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Akzo Art Foundation
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  • Kyoto Art Center
  • Museum of Modern Art Arnhem
  • Center for Contemporary Art Kiev
  • 42 Steps Xiamen