Light objects, Drawings, Contemporary Pop Culture, Graphic realism, Illustrations, Graphic Design

Iwan Smit

(1989, Rotterdam, Netherlands)


The Ducht artist Iwan Smit creates contemporary and colorful light objects with a method that he calls; ‘stained glass 2.0’.


He creates worlds in which beauty and balance are complemented by a constant presence of fear and woe. Iwan Smit t is continuing to stay ahead of the curve and works in various disciplines, while smoothly navigating between commercial and autonomous projects. Ingredients from highbrow, lowbrow, cartoons, fashion, and mythology blend seamlessly through his work, resulting in contemporary art bursting with energy.

Pairing his bold and colorful style with paintings, sculptures, light works, illustration, clothing, murals, and prints. Any surface is suitable to transform his message. The diversity of attributes all lead towards the road of achieving happiness in this world.


Iwan Smit also does commercial work for brands like Woei, The Hundreds, Redbull and Warner Bros.

Education & Residencies

​Grafisch Lyceum


2019 | ‘Cherry Late Spring Show’ at Kersgallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2019 | ‘Metamorphosis’ at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Netherlands

2018 | ‘Post Social’ at Studio Seine in Rotterdam, Netherlands

2014 | Kunst 4 Kids at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Netherlands


  • Booijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam


2017 | ‘Prozac heeft mijn leven gered‘ – De Volkskrant

2016 | Interview – Los Bangeles

2016 | ‘Business Talk met Iwan Smit‘ – Creative Business Map

2015 | ‘De Week van Iwan Smit‘ – Fontanel