Visual art, Sculpture, Plastic objects, Contemporary, Figurative

Mathieu Klomp

(1984, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


The dutch sculptor Mathieu Klomp creates life-size sculptors out of melted plastic.

In his work he is looking for the tension between the mundaine and fysical on the one hand and the subjective world of symbolic meaning on the other hand. He is representative of authentic art and wants to be firmly grounded.

His challenge is to show many different people that art can be attractive and have deeper meaning at the same time,

Education & Residencies

2013 | Bachelor Fine Art & Design at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, Netherlands

2009 | Masters Taal & Ontwikkeling at Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands

2007 | Bachelor Algemene Taalwetenschap at Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands

2004 | Propedeure Game Design & Development at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, Netherlands


2014 | Pouloeuff Publieks Award

2014 | Kunstliefdeprijs


2019 | ‘Window of Opportunity’ at Singer Laren Museum, Netherlands

2018 | Solo at Grote of Sint Bavo Kerk in Haarlem, Netherlands

2018 | Kersentuin with Kersgallery at KunstRAI in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018 | ‘Human Dichotomy’ at Vladimir-Suzdal Museum, Russia

2017 | ‘Onbestaanbaar’ at Centraal Museum Utrecht, Netherlands

2016 | ‘Elastic Collision’ at De Vishal in Haarlem, Netherlands

2015 | ‘This Art Fair’ at Kersgallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2014 | ‘Blauwdruk’ at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, Netherlands


2019 | Singer Museum Laren – Leusderkrant

Radio Interview – NPO4

2017 | Onbestaanbaar – Onlinegalerij