Roel van der Linden

Roel Jeroen van der Linden (1982, Hoogeveen) 

Roel van der Linden is a playful painter. I only know a few artists from the past in whose work the game with art movements and style cliches is tossed and made into a new rhyme with art historical quotes, just for the sake of the craft. Players like this stole from all kind of art movements to evoke a painterly party.

These style quotes are being put on the painted portrait like make-up, somewhat false and misleading the viewer. Similar to Roel’s ‘jester faces’. It typifies ‘Roel the Jester’ that he fooled me a second time when I also saw his abstract paintings. These are serious paintings, just like so many other abstract artworks. Serious like how you seriously want to relax by staring at a painting, just without humans and animals, like gazing at the see. 

I imagine a room with on the wall his paintings, both his portraits as well as his abstract works. 

I am taking the portraits with me in my mind when I am leaving the room and when I come into contact with my fellow man eye to eye; I recognize them!

I am taking the abstract paintings with me in my mind when I am leaving the room and enter the elevator, when I am on the escalator or on the highway; they are my tranquilizers. 

Roel’s painting is, in short, totally contemporary; as a true postmodernist he wields numeral techniques and styles, and, as a real painting-anarchist he launches through his paintings both meaningless and meaningful cries for and into our society. Long live the power of (Roel’s) painting’.  

written by Marc Mulders

Roel Jeroen van der Linden (1982, Hoogeveen)