Painting, Contemporary, Post-modern, Abstract

Roel van der Linden

(1982, Hoogeveen, Netherlands)


The dutch painter Roel van der Linden is a playful contemporary painter. A true post-modernist as he mixes numeral techniques and stules.

He launches through his paintings that are both meaningless and meaningful cries for and into society.

Roel paints (self)-portraits, flags, and abstract paintings.

Currently, he is living in Prague and supports the cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Education & Residencies

2014 | UMPRUM at Prague, Czech Republic

2013 | Mentee Roel Arkesteijn

2008 | Residency at BWAC in Brooklyn, USA

2003 – 2007 | Bachelor at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands


2019 | ‘Les Copains D’abord’ at Singular Art in Nijmegen, Netherlands

2018 | With Kersgallery at Art The Hague, Netherlands

2018 | ‘Show’ At Luxfer Open Space Galerie, Czech Republic

2017 | ‘Roel & Martin New York Denim 85’  at De Vishal in Haarlem, Netherlands

2016 | ‘Self-Portraits 2010 – 2014’ at Kersgallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015 | ‘HateFree’ at DOX Gallery for Contemporary Art, Czech Republic

2014 | ‘Blijdrecht – Praag’ at Kersgallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013 | ‘Weltauge’ at Torch Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands