Work on Paper, Nature, Painting, Drawing, Contemporary Color Fields

Tessa Chaplin

(1991, Haarlem, Netherlands)


Tessa Chaplin explores the representation of the Orient. She sees the Orient as a place in which one can disappear. In the same way, Paul Gauguin (painter) disappeared from European civilization when he fled to Tahiti. Knowing that in the present day it is impossible to be as naïve as Gauguin, she searches for new ways to combine and revive classical images and painting techniques of different cultures and of different time periods. Exploring issues such as cultural hybridization and appropriation. One of Chaplin’s trademarks is the flatness of her images. This flatness does not only refer to modernism, but also to the stage. It reminds the public that the Orient is a fictional concept, invented by western society.

Education and residencies

2019 – 2020 | JUMP Project in collaboration with Jan van Hoof Galerie

2015 – 2017 | Study Art, Media, and Society at Tilburg University

2014 | Mentorship with Marc Mulders at Museum Vincent van Gogh

2009 – 2013 | Bachelor of Fine Art at AKV St Joost


2017 | Royal Painting Award in Amsterdam

2016 | Royal Painting Award in Amsterdam

2015 | Royal Painting Award in Amsterdam


2019 | ‘Verlangen naar Holland’ at Stedelijk Museum Breda, Netherlands

2019 | Solo at Jan van Hoof Galerie in Den Bosch, Netherlands

2019 | ‘Drawing Online’ on Galleryviewer by Kers Gallery

2018 | ‘The Big Art Show’ by Heuv-Art in Amsterdam

2018 | Solo at Kers Gallery in Amsterdam

2017 | Stedelijk Museum Breda, Netherlands

2017 | Art the Hague with Kers gallery, Netherlands

2016 | ‘In het Midden’ at TAC in Eindhoven

2014 | ‘Vensters’ at Kunsthal Kade in Amersfoort

2013 | ‘Ongekend – young masters auction’ at Hermitage in Amsterdam


2018 | Mister Motley