Sculpture, Contemporary art, Visual Artist, Sculptor, Modern Art, Figurative, Magical Realism

Warre Mulder

(1984, Antwerp, Belgium)


Warre Mulder is a Belgium contemporary schulptor and visual artist. In his work shapes and techniques are being combined in a playful way. From these combinations of ceramics, wood and plastic arise colorful creatures that look like they have been called from an absurd world.


Warre’s intention is to give these createres a soul. To achieve this he samples from the infinite archives of sculptural tradition, where there is no difference between religious sculptures and the magical world of toys.

Education & Residencies

2008 | Master’s of Fine Arts at St Lucas Antwerp, Belgium


2019 | ‘High 5 High’ at Kersgallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018 | Summer Exhibition at Galleri Christoffer Egelund in Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 | ‘Bright’ at Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, Belgium

2016 | ‘Wat de rups het einde noemt’ at The White House gallery in Lovenjoel, Belgium



  • FOD Buitenlandse Zaken, Brussel


2018 | Interview – Algemeen Dagblad