Scarlett Hoofd Graafland

Traveling to the most isolated corners on earth, for Scarlett Hooft Graafland these austere surroundings become live actors in the highly choreographed performances that she stages there.


Whether it is the salt desert of Bolivia, the desolate Canadian arctic, the remote island of Madagascar, the scorching Socotra of Yemen, or the infested shores of Vanuatu, Scarlett merges with the surroundings and its local culture. After weeks of preparation, working closely with inhabitants, Scarlett creates a scene, where local social issues take center stage, and the vast surreal landscape becomes the chorus of a classical tragicomedy that silently comments on the subject.



Solo Exhibitions 
2017 ‘Discovery’, Flowers Gallery, London 
2016 ‘Shores like you’, Huis Marseille Museum of Photography, Amsterdam 
2015 ‘Look Cook Look!’, Landskrona Museum, Sweden 
2014 ‘Unlikely Landscape‘, Museum for Photography, Seoul, Korea 
2013 ‘Angèle’, Brummelkamp galllery AMC, Amsterdam 
2013 ‘Suaves Horizontes’, MAC Museum, Lima, Peru 
2013 ‘Douze Douze Douze’, Vous Etes Ici galerie, Amsterdam 
2012 ‘Almas de Sal’, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia 
2012 ‘Domestic Marble’, Piet Hein Eek galerie, Eindhoven 
2011 ‘Soft Horizons’ Huis Marseille Museum of Photography, Amsterdam 
2010 ‘Front/Reverse’, duo show with Hu Zi, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai 
2009 ‘My White Night’, Michael Hoppen Contemporary gallery, London 
2009 ‘Einstweilen’ duo show with Jan Bünnig, Autocenter, Berlin, curator Caroline Eggel 
2008 ‘Igloolik series’, Vous Etes Ici gallery, Amsterdam 
2007 ‘Soft Horizons’, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London 
2006 ‘The Day after Valentine’, Vous Etes Ici Gallery, Amsterdam 
2005 ‘Salt Works’, De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam 
2004 ‘Reykjavik Roofs’, SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, AMC Gallery, Amsterdam 
2003 Duo exhibition with Jeff Feld at Mary Goldman Gallery, LA, curator C S Rabinowitz 
2000 ‘Part time Human’ Anadiel Gallery, Center for Cont. Art, Jerusalem 

Group Exhibitions (selected) 
2017 ‘No Lemon, No Melon’, Flowers Gallery, New York 
2017 ‘Stress Field’, Hubei Art museum, Huwan, China, curator Feng Boyi 
2017 ‘Het is me wat! Humor in 100 jaar Nederlandse kunst’, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem 
2016 ‘Amongst Treasures’, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam 
2016 ‘Photography Extended’ Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen 
2016 Dubai Photo 2016, United Emirates 
2015 ‘Open Rhapsody’, Beirut Exhibition Center, Lebanon 
2015 ‘Aanwinsten 2014’ De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam 
2014 ‘Dancing Light/ let it move you’, Huis Marseille Museum of Photography, A’dam 
2014 ‘Rolling Snowball 5’, Djupivogur, Iceland 
2014 ‘Souvenir de Voyage’, LUMC, Leiden 
2013 ‘Rediscovery of the World’, Huis Marseille Museum of Photography, Amsterdam 
2013 Paris Photo L.A., Xippas Gallery 
2012 ‘Terra Cognita’, photo festival Noorderlicht, Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen 
2012 ‘Uncommon Ground’, Flowers Gallery, London 
2012 ‘Art & Science’, Weizmann Institute, Israel 
2012 ‘Parelen’, Museum De Lakanhal, Leiden 
2011 ‘Pearls of the North’, Palais d’Iéna, Paris, Xippas Gallery 
2011 ‘Contact’, MOCCA museum Toronto, Canada 
2011 ‘Rolling Snowball’, Quanzhou, China 
2011 Photo50 London, curator Joanna Pitman 
2010 ‘The Dialogue’, curator CEAC, World Expo Shanghai, Dutch Cultural Center, China 
2010 ‘Life Vividly Lived, part 1’, Flowers Gallery, London 
2009 Climate Change Conference UN, Copenhagen 
2009 ‘Just What I Never Wanted’, Kk Outlet, London 
2009 ‘The Art of Photography Show’, San Diego, curator Charlotte Cotton 
2009 ‘Nunavut, Our Land’, Canada House, London 
2008 Miami Basel fair, Michael Hoppen gallery 
2008 Hyères photo festival 
2008 ‘An Ode to the Animal’, Capricious Space, New York 
2007 Paris Photo, Michael Hoppen gallery, Xippas gallery 
2007 ‘Real Illusions’, Renos Xippas Gallery, Paris 
2007 ‘Terrains D’Entente’, Arles photo festival, France 
2007 FNAC Gallery, Nice 
2006 ‘Eleven contemporary artists’, Michael Hoppen Gallery, London 
2006 Chinese European Art Center Gallery Xiamen, China 
2005 ‘Sehnsuchtig gleiten ballone rund um die Welt’, Blue Paviljon Gallery, Berlin 
2005 ‘Artist studio Gustave Courbet – Tony Oursler’, Metropolitan Museum, NY 
2005 ‘Reykjavik Roofs’, Vous Etes Ici Gallery, Amsterdam 
2004  ‘Artist studio Gustave Courbet – Tony Oursler’, Musee D’Orsay, Parijs 
2004 ‘How to explain a painting to a dead hare’, Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv  
2003 ‘HomeMade’, Kunstlerhaus Mousenturm, Frankfurt, curator T Etchells, V Horvat 
2002 temporary 9 11 memorial commissioned by NYC at Hamilton House, NY 
2002 MFA Thesis Show Parsons School of Design, Sheila Gallery NY 
2001 ‘In Transit, Korn Gallery New Jersey, Drew University 
2000 ‘Odradek’, Populus Gallery, Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv, Israel 

2000-2002 MFA Parsons School of Design, New York 
1999-2000 Postgraduate program Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem 
1995-1999 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, NL