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David Bade

De Pont Museum
Art Rotterdam 2018
The fair to discover young art


7 t/m 11 februari 2018

Young Stedelijk
Amsterdam Art Weekend Tour


24 november 2017

David Bade & Marc Mulders t/m januari 2019 te zien in het Gemeentemuseum
Art Chapel


10 nov t/m 17 december 2017

Featured artists: Marc Mulders

Marc Mulders (23 september 1958) is een Nederlandse schilder, aquarellist, fotograaf en glazenier. Hij is vooral bekend om zijn olieverfschilderijen waarin hij de loop van de natuur volgt. In de lente en zomer schildert Mulders tulpen, irissen en rozen; in de herfst en winter richt hij zich op wilde dieren als fazanten en hazen.

To Marc Mulders

Featured artists: Pieter W Postma

Broadly speaking Pieter W. Postma is a visual artist, but first and foremost he’s a gifted storyteller. The stories he weaves reach out into other worlds beyond that of ours. Parallel universes, essentially, each populated by surreal phenomena. Out there new explorers discover each other, and, in the process, our universe.

To Pieter W. Postma

Featured Artist: Shaun Ellison

Ellison’s work is largely inspired by the textures of the urban landscape, particularly graffiti. Texture in the city breathes and enigmatically shapes the environment where it appears. In my work on canvas, the textures become the subject matter as they form the life of the painting.

To Shaun Ellison