Current and upcoming exhibitions

Kersgallery presents Anna Sophie de Vries and Spencer Shakespeare at the upcoming exhibition ‘Tree Sea Bird and Bee’ at the gallery.


Visual artist Anna Sophie de Vries (NL, 1991) debuts at the gallery with a series of works based on methology. She is inspired by nature and the cosmos, science and technology.


Contemporary painter Spencer Shakespeare (UK, 1967) playful and beautiful work takes inspiration from the natural world and landscape around his home. An earthly colour palette, with lots of greens, textures create a magical story and dialogue in every piece.


Opening Saturday 12 October from 17.00 – 19.00. Hope to see you there.


Art goes market!


Kers Gallery and its artists are always looking for new ways to question and challenge art its environs. In the upcoming project, the gallery artists David Bade (Curaçao, 1970) and Shaun Ellison (South Africa, 1984) reach beyond the safe walls of the exhibition space to allow the process of creation to interact with the street market outside the gallery. In this way, the artists observe and interact with everyday life, thus allowing it to act as input for their creative work. Bade and Ellison are turning the gallery space into a working art studio and an exhibition space.

According to Bade, “the only way to protect art is to attack it.” By this he means that art should not only question existing art world conventions, but exhibit a critical attitude towards itself, its own methods, style and other elements.


When projected, literally, onto the art gallery walls and, figuratively, onto the “the market strategy” with regard to art, this idea results in a witty investigation requiring from the two artists’ their keen visual response. The resulting work will be on display both in the gallery and in the market stalls where Bade and Ellison will have expanded their artistic playing area. Hence, there is a discount the two artists offer on their artwork made during the working days of the market situated along the Lindegracht, right outside the Kers Gallery windows.


  • Exhibition dates: November 22, 2019 – January 11, 2020
  • Exhibition opening: November 22,  17:00-19:00
  • Market dates: November 23rd and 30th; December 7th and 14th, 2019 (with a cherry on top on December 14th)